Tandoori Dessert

Tandoori Dessert- Lip-smacking tangy grilled Pineapple dessert recipe

hen The Tandoori preparation has a huge search all around. When we see the figures for tandoori dessert on Google we were extremely excited by the number. Tandoori Dessert! Yes, you’ve read it correctly!! Tandoor is a local clay oven in India, a cooking method that is very popular since eons. It is time for Indian fusion dessert.

Tropical fruit, the pineapple is very popular at any season. Get ready for the delicious fruity dessert with Indian and tropical grills. It blends Indian cuisine in a delicious way. You might have thought of a cream-style tandoori cauliflower or some savory dish, but have you wondered about a honeyed dessert from the Indian clay oven?

Today I am sharing an elegant and refreshing tandoori pineapple recipe. This tandoori dessert has a lovely aroma with an amazing flavor. The pineapple grills or sweats in a blend of sugar and native Indian spices, splitting an aroma that can tempt anyone. It is thus a perfect end to conclude a summer dinner.

Ingredients for the Pineapple dessert-

Pineapple                                                  ½ No.
Star anise (broken into pieces)                   1 No.
Brown Sugar                                              4 teaspoon
Butter (low fat)                                          1 tbsp
Fennel seeds                                              1/4 tsp
Ginger (finely chopped)                              ¼ inch

For Honey Glaze-

Honey                                                       1 tbsp
Red Chili powder                                        1 pinch
Chaat masala                                            1/4 tsp
Chilli Flakes                                               1 tsp
Lemon juice


  • Firstly, cut the pineapple in quarts. Separate the core and flesh from each. Cube them into 2-inch pieces.
  • Prick bits of the star anise into the flesh of pineapple cubes and set aside.
  • Dry roast the fennel seeds and leave it to cool. Pound the roasted fennel seeds into a coarse texture.
  • Then combine honey, crushed fennel seeds, red chili powder, chaat masala, lemon zest, honey, chopped ginger, chili flakes, and lemon juice in a bowl to make the spiced honey glaze.
    Sprinkle the tandoori glaze on the pineapple chunks and mix lightly to coat them from all the sides.
  • Heat a grill pan and add little butter to it. Slide the pineapple piece to the pan. Saute and let the pieces sit there till they get nice grill marks, preferably browned from the edges. If you are barbecuing the chunks to get help with cleaning the grill read my post on Tried and tested BBQ cleaning tips that keep it shining forever. Brush the remaining glaze in the bowl on these pieces.
  • Remember to sauté on both sides.
  • After removing the pineapple pieces from the pan eliminate the bits of star anise from them. Your tandoori dessert is ready to serve.
  • For plating, arrange the grilled pineapple pieces on the serving dish. Pour the remaining caramelized extract in the saucepan over them.

Garnish with a sprig of mint before serving. I usually compliment my hot and spicy dessert with the cool rose ice-cream on the side. Another good companion for tandoori pineapple dessert is ginger-vanilla ice-cream.

tandoori-dessert-pineapple-rose icecream
Image courtesy: greatbritishchefs.com

Unlike the Indian desserts, the tandoori pineapple dessert is served hot.

This simple and easy delight would be a star attraction of the party. I am sure your kids will enjoy the unique flavor and the moms would love the clever technique to feed fruit to the kids. Another must-try recipe is Pineapple halwa recipe to celebrate sweet moments which will lure adults too!

Social Chef Tip: You can be more experimental like me by using other tangy fruit. Follow the above recipe with sliced tangerine or orange.

Waiting to hear your feedback. Do try the hot and flavorful tandoori dessert and let me know how it came about.

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