Tricks for professional food photographs with mobile

Clicking food photos is as delectable as the food itself. A perfected shot makes the food look even better. Many times, it takes approximately thousand pictures to get the perfect click. Professional looking food photographs are not a piece of cake. There is a sure shot trick to get professional finesse to the food photo than you ordinarily will.

Earlier people used to depend on high resolution and more technicalities of the DSLR for a good picture. But, the huge megapixels and editing apps of mobile phones in present times have become the easiest way to serve the desires of photography enthusiasts.

Want to know how to give the professional look to your normal photo? Read this.

Food photography

Food photography aims to capture every angle of its deliciousness. You must have seen many people posting the food photographs on social sites. Although some pictures might look good, the most are drab.

To present the deliciousness of food like desserts and traditional sweets through a mobile camera one can follow certain tricks that help in enhancing professionalism. The angles, timing, and composition have to be perfect for a food photograph.

Seamless food photographs with innovative ideas

Gone are the times of simple clicks. The trend of ground-breaking captures is now redefining photography. An innovative twist added to a simple click attracts the eye and get appraisals.

To click professional photographs, take your creativity to next level and think out of the box. Use of props and a knowledge of food styling surface paramount photographs. The ideas might be floating around you and you just need to catch them.

Mobile tips

With the latest technological advances, the bettering camera quality of mobile phones; make it easier to take professional like food photographs from mobile. You can choose a good megapixel range camera and get started.

Focused clicks: Most of the phones now provide the feature of selecting the object to focus and blur the rest. The especially focused picture gives a professional feel to the image.

food-photographs-angles-are-crucialMind the angles: Minding the angles can help you a lot. Checking the photo from different angles before you click is a good way to go. Certain angles have the perfect light for photo thus resulting in a perfect click.

food-photographs-angleTake 3-4 or more pictures so that you can select the best one. One top shot is mandatory.

Take help of editing apps: Even if your mobile camera can click excellent quality pictures, editing makes it better. VSCOCAM is one of the good image editing apps for mobile. There is no harm in choosing a rated app to enhance the photo in your own way.

food-photographs-close-upDistance: Take care of the distance from the item to be clicked. Sometimes, an improper distance results in blurred or spoiled food photographs.

Natural lighting and use of props: Natural light is the best to take food photographs, keep the lighting as natural as you can. It gives the real feel of the place. If the sun is too harsh, use some diffuser. Butter paper is a good diffuser. Avoid rigid shadows.

food-photographs-close-up-wrapAlso, use the props available at the place wisely to enhance the photo. Props help a lot in adopting an inviting approach to click the photos.

food-photographs-close-upKeep the flash off: There should be no flash photos. Flashes disturb the lighting and original look of the photo. You can see strings of mozzarella better when the pizza is clicked in natural light than an artificial flashlight.

These quick tips let a professional click and take creativity to a new level. Adopt them and you will feel the difference in your food photographs. Your food photographs will not be less than a professional’s with years of experience.

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